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NPF Executive Committee Message October 2019

Carolyn A. Magee
Pharm.D., M.S., BCCCP

October  2019

Hello New Practitioners! From all of us on the New Practitioners Forum Executive Committee, we hope your fall is off to a great start. Now that the year is in full swing, many of us have research projects in various phases of development.  If you’re like me, some of your projects can get “stuck” and you may need some outside help or advice. To help you through the research process, I want to share some of the ASHP NPF Research Resources that are available. 

ASHP has a whole page on pharmacy research resources specifically for new practitioners. The materials cover each phase of a research project. There are web-based resources that discuss the Essentials of Practice-Based Research for Pharmacists  including research design, data management, data analysis, and steps in the publication process.

Once your research is complete, ASHP provides guidance on how to organize your research into a tangible, such as a poster or manuscript. There are great resources available for tips on developing of a professional poster presentation that can help you prepare for local, regional, and national presentations. When you are ready to submit a manuscript, be sure to check out the resources on publishing your residency project. If you do submit a manuscript, be sure to check out the resources on the peer review process. Featured articles also discuss how to write different types of manuscripts including case reportsreview articles, and letters to the editor . Learning to write some of these “non-traditional” publications may enhance your portfolio and writing abilities. 

If you need funding for any of your research ideas, be sure to check out the ASHP Foundation Research Grant opportunities

Do you have any ideas for how the New Practitioners Forum can continue to provide resources for your research needs? Message me, Carolyn Magee, on ASHP Connect or email and let’s get the conversation going!

Happy researching,
Carolyn A. Magee, Pharm.D., BCCCP

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