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NPF Executive Committee Message September 2018

Kellie L.E. Musch
Pharm.D., M.S.

September 2018

Hello New Practitioners,

It is hard to believe that it is already September and the summer has flown by! Many of you are in full swing of your residency year. Others of you are starting in your new roles after graduation from pharmacy school or fellowships/residency training. Crazy to think, but it is already time to start planning ahead to what career transition is next. This means, New Practitioners, that it must be time to update your CV!

One of my favorite resources offered by ASHP is the Curriculum Vitae Resource Center . As a New Practitioner, do you find that your CV is constantly evolving? I have experienced 3 career transitions in the last 3 years, and when I look back to 2015, my CV today is completely different! As a result of this expected constant evolution, our NPF Career Development Advisory Group has optimized tools and continues to expand resources for CVs, especially during career transitions. Earlier this month, I reviewed the 2014 article “ Transforming the curriculum vitae as a new practitioner ” with OhioHealth Grant Medical Center’s Pharmacy Residents. They asked many hard questions, so I was glad I had ASHP’s CV Transition Toolkit to showcase specific considerations related to content, formatting, flow, and other emphasis points. Have you checked out these awesome resources? What changes should you make to your CV during your current career transition?

After you take a stab at updating your CV, why not take advantage of the bi-annual CV Review Program? As a New Practitioner, you are invited to volunteer as a CV reviewer and/or submit your CV for review . I have been participating in the CV Review Program for 5 years and love reviewing CVs for students and residents. Through this program you not only receive great feedback from pharmacists all across the country, but you also get a great opportunity to network! Many times, I find that I meet up at the Midyear Clinical Meeting with my new connections for a coffee or lunch. I encourage you to consider these opportunities to get involved with ASHP, or like me, require that your residents participate in the program. Submissions for the 2018 Fall Session are accepted until September 7, 2018. All feedback must be provided by October 26, 2018. Sign up today!

Do you have ideas for how the New Practitioners Forum can continue to meet your CV needs? Message me, Kellie Musch, on ASHP Connect or e-mail and let’s get the conversation going!


Kellie L.E. Musch, Pharm.D., M.S.
Member, New Practitioners Forum Executive Committee

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