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NPF Policy Committee Representatives

Listed below are the New Practitioner Appointments to the ASHP Councils and Commissions for 2019–2020.

Commission on Affiliate Relations

Mary WaltonAdvises the Board of Directors on standards for affiliation, implementation of the standards, methods of strengthening affiliates, and methods of building affiliate relationships that help advance ASHP’s objectives.

Representative: Mary Walton, Pharm. D.

Commission on Credentialing

Joanna HuangDevelops and recommends standards for accreditation of pharmacy residency training programs and administers the accreditation of these pharmacy residency training programs.

Representative: Joanna Huang, Pharm. D. 

Council on Education and Workforce Development

Chelsea Gresham-DolbyWithin the Council’s purview are (1) student education, (2) postgraduate education and training, (3) specialization, (4) assessment and maintenance of competence, (5) credentialing, (6) balance between workforce supply and demand, (7) development of technicians, and (8) related matters.

Representative: Chelsea Gresham-Dolby, Pharm.D.

Council on Pharmacy Management

Ashley BowdenWithin the Council’s purview are (1) development and deployment of resources, (2) fostering cost-effective use of medicines, (3) payment for services and products, (4) applications of technology in the medication-use process, (5) efficiency and safety of medication-use systems, (6) continuity of care, and (7) related matters.

Representative: Ashley Bowden, Pharm.D., M.S., BCPS

Council on Pharmacy Practice

Alex MerschWithin the Council’s purview are (1) practitioner care for individual patients, (2) practitioner activities in public health, (3) pharmacy practice standards and quality, (4) professional ethics, (5) interprofessional and public relations, and (6) related matters.

Representative: Alex Mersch, Pharm.D., MBA, BCPS

Council on Public Policy

Elizabeth RodmanWithin the Council’s purview are (1) federal laws and regulations, (2) state laws and regulations, (3) analysis of public policy proposals that are designed to address important health issues, (4) professional liability as defined by the courts, and (5) related matters.

Representative: Elizabeth Rodman, Pharm.D., MHA

Council on Therapeutics

Wesley KufelWithin the Council’s purview are (1) the benefits and risks of drug products, (2) evidence-based use of medicines, (3) the application of drug information in practice, and (4) related matters.

Representative: Wesley D. Kufel, Pharm.D., BCIDP, BCPS, AAHIVP

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