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Telemedicine and Pharmacy

"David M. Angaran, MS, RPh. has been appointed the ASHP Managed Care Practitioner in Residence. The focus of his one year appointment is to describe the current status of the practice of telemedicine, identify the issues related to pharmacy practice and detail the implications for the pharmacy profession and the provision of pharmaceutical care.

Telemedicine is defined as: The use of electronic information and communication technologies to provided and support health care when distance separates the participants. (Telemedicine: A guide to assessing telecommunications in health care, IOM, 1996.)

David is attempting to identify those pharmacists who are currently involved in the use of telemedicine technology for the provision of direct patient care to share telemedicine insights over the coming year.

Please E-mail,, the name(s) of pharmacy personnel involved, practice site, technology being used, pharmacist services, practice specialty, number of years and the person to contact for further information with a phone number.

Please send information by: March 16,1998.

Posted February 12, 1998, source ASHP Center on Managed Care Pharmacy