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Prosser Elected as Leader of ASHP Section of Home Care Practitioners

Kate Traynor

Barbara S. Prosser has been chosen by members of the ASHP Section of Home Care Practitioners to serve as the 2002–03 Chair-elect. Prosser is Operations Performance Manager for Critical Care Systems/Infusion Care Systems, based in Nashua, N.H.

Mary Ann Kliethermes, Pharm.D., and Roger S. Klotz, BCNSP, FASCP, will be the Directors-at-large for 2002–04. Kliethermes is Vice-President of Clinical Pharmacy Systems, Inc., a software and consulting firm in Elmhurst, Ill. Klotz is President and CEO of Specialized Clinical Services, Inc., a software development, publishing, and consulting company in Tustin, Calif.

In running for the top leadership position in the Section, Prosser offered the following statement:

The practice of pharmacy continues to expand into settings never conceived of by our predecessors. We practice in clinics, ambulatory centers, hospitals, homes, hospices, and community settings. Yet, the fundamentals of pharmacy practice remain constant—patient care and drug management. The advancement of the pharmacy profession is dependent on our ability to deliver drug therapies safely to our patients and demonstrate fiscal responsibility. Both are integral to our success as patient advocates.

As a current member of the Executive Committee of the Home Care Section, I have watched our memberships expand into these diverse roles. Understanding the complexity of these new practice settings, the importance of our contributions to patient care, and need for recognition of our skills are all vital to our profession. Working in conjunction with fellow practitioners, educating government legislators and payers regarding reimbursement, and establishing standards of practice to support patient care are examples of the Section working for its members. The Section has embraced the role of the pharmacist as a health care provider and patient advocate; the Section needs to provide the tools to empower its membership in their practice setting.

It has been an honor to serve as a Section Executive Committee member. Thank you.

Prosser, Kliethermes, and Klotz will start serving in their elected positions in June 2002.

Steven M. Simmons, Pharm.D., FASHP, is the current Section Chair.