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CDC's 'Fight the Flu!' Materials Are Now Available

Cheryl A. Thompson

The National Immunization Program at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today made available a portfolio of patient-education materials that carries the theme for the 2001–02 flu season: Fight the Flu!

Because of the delay expected in the distribution of influenza vaccine this year, the materials highlight the targeted use of the vaccine, especially to those who are at greatest risk for complications from influenza and to health care workers.

Included in the portfolio are the portable-document-format files for two posters, four flyers, and two buttons. All of the materials are available in English and Spanish. Reproduction instructions are included so health care providers can copy the materials in a black-and-white or two-color format and insert a logo or address.

A tip sheet is also available to help health care providers and mass immunizers make the best use of all of the materials.