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Correction Notice for 'AHFS DI'

Cheryl A. Thompson

Please note a correction to a typographical error in the AHFS Drug Information (AHFS DI) monograph for Calcium Salts 40:12.

In the second column on page 2484 of the printed edition of AHFS DI 2003 under “Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: Pediatric Dosage,” the first sentence should read:

“The PALS [Pediatric Advanced Life Support] guidelines recommend that children receive an IV calcium dose of 0.25-0.35 mEq/kg using calcium chloride.”

The printed edition of AHFS DI 2003 is missing a decimal point from the upper limit of the range; “0.25-35 mEq/kg” is incorrect.

The editors of AHFS DI urge you to correct this error in all copies of AHFS DI and communicate it to others on your staff who may use the book. A notation correcting this error should be made in the margin of page 2484 of the book.

Electronic subscribers to AHFS DI data (e.g., AHFSfirst, AHFSfirstWEB, ASHPaccess, Drug Information Fulltext [DIF], STATref) will receive a replacement file incorporating this correction in the next scheduled update. The correction notice and corrected monograph already have been posted to Therefore, electronic subscribers should consult and bookmark in the interim.

Notices have been sent to all subscribers of AHFS DI as well as to directors of hospital pharmacies. In addition, notices have been posted in a variety of portions of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Web site.

The error also appears in the 2001 and 2002 editions of AHFS DI, which are out of print and should not be relied on for clinical decisions due to the changing nature of drug information.