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Distributor Recalls Counterfeit Zyprexa

Cheryl A. Thompson

Sixty-seven bottles bearing labels for Zyprexa, the olanzapine product by Eli Lilly and Co., have been recalled by FPP Inc. of Cincinnati because they are counterfeit, according to today's Enforcement Report from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The recall pertains to 60-count bottles on which the label says the contents are Zyprexa 15 mg lot numbers 7EF27A or 7EF28A or Zyprexa 20 mg lot numbers 7ED87A or 7EE34A.

According to FDA, the bottles may contain tablet strengths other than what is declared on the label or bear an expiration date other than the one provided by the manufacturer. The source of the repacked or relabeled bottles, the agency noted, is unknown.

FPP serves as the fulfillment center for pharmaceutical distributor RxBazaar Inc. The parent company runs the "anonymous on-line marketplace", which advertises "below market" prices.

Phone calls to FPP were not returned.