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ASHP Polls Open Through Sept. 2

Kate Traynor

The ASHP Official 2004 Election Ballot has been mailed to all eligible members. Eligible members may vote online or via mail this year.

To vote online, members will need their Election Validation Number and ASHP Member I.D. Number, which are at the top of the mailed ballot.

Online voting began Aug. 3 and ends 12:00 midnight ET on Sept. 2, 2004.

Election bulletins, with the candidates' statements and photos, may be viewed online. Bulletins were not mailed this year.

This year's candidates for ASHP President-Elect, with the term as President to start in June 2005, are Jill E. Martin and Roland A. Patry.

The 2004 election will also determine two members of the ASHP Board of Directors and the Chairs and Directors-at-Large for the ASHP Section of Clinical Specialists and Scientists; ASHP Section of Home, Ambulatory, and Chronic Care Practitioners; ASHP Section of Pharmacy Practice Managers; and ASHP Section of Inpatient Care Practitioners.

Mailed ballots must be returned in the envelope provided and postmarked no later than Sept. 2, 2004.