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Pharmacy Residency Match Day: Numbers Continue to Increase

Results from the 2014 Pharmacy Resident match were released today with more candidates participating and the highest number of positions filled since the program began in 1979.

More than 4,700 graduating pharmacy students and new practitioners participated in the Resident Matching Program seeking PGY1 and PGY2 pharmacy residencies. An additional 260 PGY1 residents participated in the early commitment process to stay on at their site to complete a PGY2 residency.  This year, 268 additional residency positions were added, including 168 PGY1 and 100 PGY2 positions.

Here is how Match Day 2014 compared to last year:

  • 5% increase in candidates seeking PGY1 residencies,
  • 18% increase in candidates seeking PGY2 residencies,
  • 2,640 PGY1 positions matched, a 6% increase in filled positions, and
  • 706 PGY2 positions matched (includes 260 early commitments), a 17% increase in filled positions

There were 1,502 individuals seeking PGY1 residencies that did not match, and 222 positions remaining for the post-match process.  For PGY2 residencies, there were 211 unmatched individuals and 87 positions remaining for the post-match process.

“Congratulations to all of the students and residents who will be taking this important next step in their pharmacy careers,” said ASHP President Gerald E. Meyer, Pharm.D., MBA, FASHP.   “ASHP started accrediting residency programs over 50 years ago with the goal of building a pharmacist workforce that could help patients achieve the most optimal health outcomes. ASHP is strongly committed to continuing to grow the number of residency programs and positions now and in the years to come to continue to give patients the access they deserve to top-quality pharmacist services, and to advance the goals and objectives of the Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative.”

Candidates who did not match can seek a residency position during the post-match process, using the Pharmacy Online Residency Centralized Application Process (PhORCAS).

For more information about ASHP-accredited pharmacy residency programs go to  

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