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Press Release

ASHP Tracking Impact of Hurricane Maria on Drug Shortages and Seeking Solutions

ASHP is actively working with various stakeholders including government, manufacturers, and other associations to assess the impact on drug shortages due to hurricane-related damage to pharmaceutical manufacturing plants in Puerto Rico. 

The FDA is tracking 40 critical medications — 12 that are not produced outside of Puerto Rico — that are at risk of being in short supply because of hurricane-related manufacturing delays. The FDA is also working with five companies impacted by the hurricane to prevent critical shortages of medical products on the island and across the U.S. There are at least 50 pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in Puerto Rico. Many of the facilities have been left without power, infrastructure, and, in some cases, workers.

ASHP continues to track medications that are in shortage and report them in the online Drug Shortages Resource Center, along with any information on anticipated duration and potential alternatives, where they exist. ASHP will convene a group of major stakeholders in government, provider organizations, and patient safety groups on November 6, 2017, to identify enhanced solutions to address the harm that ongoing drug shortages are having on patients. 

Pharmacists and healthcare organizations should continue to monitor the situation and work with wholesalers and manufacturers to obtain available supplies. More information on managing drug shortages is available on the ASHP website, notably in the ASHP Guideline for Managing Drug Shortages.

ASHP will continue to provide updates to members as we learn more.


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