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ASHP Statement in Response to Mass Shooting in Buffalo, New York

Thirteen people were shot and ten killed Saturday in Buffalo, New York. The horrifying attack stands as yet another grim reminder of the unconscionable toll of racially motivated hate and violence in our country. ASHP expresses our heartfelt condolences to the victims and loved ones of this terrible mass shooting and to all others who have been harmed or killed through senseless acts of racially motivated violence.

ASHP condemns in the strongest terms any acts of racially directed or other forms of violence.

ASHP’s policy, Role of the Pharmacy Workforce in Violence Prevention, recognizes that violence is a public health crisis and calls for the profession to get involved in and help lead violence prevention initiatives in the workplace and the community.

Pharmacy is a racially and ethnically diverse profession whose members are committed to the health and well-being of our patients, our communities, and the nation. ASHP strives for inclusivity and seeks to reflect the diversity of the profession we represent. ASHP will continue to work to address the societal and public health impact of violence and foster diversity, equity and inclusion for all.



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