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ASHP Calls on White House to Help Address Contrast Shortage

In light of ongoing critical shortages of iodinated contrast media, ASHP sent a letter to the White House Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force calling for greater clarity from GE Healthcare, the manufacturer of two widely used contrast agents, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on product allocations, recovery timelines, and international alternatives suitable for importation into the United States. The letter describes the aggressive conservation strategies clinicians are being forced to implement in order to manage the shortage.

“Patients should not be at risk of receiving substandard clinical care as a result of any drug shortage,” said ASHP Vice President of Government Relations Tom Kraus. “Our nation’s pharmaceutical supply chain must include more resilience and redundancy to prevent this type of shortage.”

ASHP created and has been continually updating a conservation guide developed to help clinicians manage the shortage. The letter encourages the White House to distribute the guide to others and to reach out to ASHP as a resource regarding this and other drug shortages.

ASHP will keep members updated on this important issue and continue to share resources as we advocate for policy solutions to prevent and mitigate drug shortages.

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