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ASHP Graduation Cord Program

The ASHP Pharmacy Student Forum is proud to announce a formal process by which student members may earn ASHP graduation cords to be worn as a part of graduation regalia. These cords will symbolize students’ hard work and dedication to both the Society and profession.

Please note that ASHP is not collecting trackers or orders.  Additionally, ASHP will not cover the costs of graduation cords.  Each SSHP who chooses to offer this service is responsible for the cost and for ordering the cords.  Please see the Graduation Cord Manual for additional information.

Eligibility Criteria

Explanation of Criteria

 Eligible members, as defined below, must fulfill the requirements as defined within each category of the Required Criteria.

  • Categories are indicated by roman numerals.
  • Requirements are indicated by lower case letters.
  • Bullet points are examples of activities, which satisfy the requirement above them
    • SSHP leadership may elect to add SSHP-specific and/or state-specific programming/activities as bulleted items, to satisfy the requirements defined in this

Required Criteria

I. Encourage active membership

  • Maintained membership in both ASHP and SSHP for at least 2 years at the time of graduation

II. Encourage members to participate in the activities of the local, state, and national organizations of health-system pharmacists both while in pharmacy school and beyond graduation

  • Attend a minimum of 3 national, regional, or local conferences
    • ASHP Summer Meeting
    • ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting
    • Other ASHP meetings (Policy Week, Student Advocacy Training and Legislative Day, Leadership Conference, etc.)
    • State/regional/local* Annual Meetings

      *SSHP general body meetings do not satisfy this requirement
      *local affiliate monthly meetings do not satisfy this requirement

      **(Please note that SSHPs can submit a request to for the list of students that attended SM/MCM)**

III. Prepare student pharmacists for residency programs

  • Attend at least 2 residency-focused programs
    • CV Critique through SSHP, ASHP, or state affiliate
    • Midyear to Match: Residency Basics
    • Midyear to Match: Navigating Midyear
    • Other SSHP-based programming

IV. Foster professional standards of pharmaceutical care

  • Participate in one Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI)-related event
    • ASHP PAI Video Competition
    • SSHP PAI programming

VI. Choose 2 additional items from the choices below:

  • Encourage proper use of medicine in the general public/promote participation in service activities throughout the community
    • SSHP-sponsored community service events
    • State affiliate collaboration for community service
  • Provide information on career alternatives, specialized training, and credentials
    • Attend SSHP Programming regarding career options
    • Participate in ASHP Connect Mentor Program
    • Participate in the ASHP Clinical Skills Competition
    • Participate in an ASHP Continuing Education Webinar
  • Provide service to the profession through leadership roles
    • Serve as an SSHP Executive Board member for at least 1 full term
    • Serve as an SSHP Committee Chair for at least 1 full term
    • Hold a national position in ASHP (e.g. ASHP Sections, Pharmacy Student Forum Advisory Groups, Pharmacy Student Forum Advisory Group Ad Hoc Committee)
  • Advocate for the profession through interactions with other members of the healthcare industry and the public
    • Attend ASHP advocate training & legislative day
    • Attend a state legislative day
    • Participate in SSHP advocacy programming
  • Promote research in the pharmaceutical sciences and care
    • Present a research poster at a professional meeting

Additional SSHP Criteria

SSHP may elect to add SSHP-specific and/or state-specific programming/activities as bulleted items, which satisfy the requirements defined in this document.
The requirements defined in this document may not be altered; however, SSHPs may elect to make the requirements more stringent or add additional requirements for their membership.

Sample Additional SSHP-Specific Requirements

  • SSHP-specific and/or state-specific programming/activities as bulleted items to satisfy existing requirements
  • Increase the required number of conference attendances.
  • Add an attendance requirement for SSHP general body meetings and/or events.


To order please go to
The cords are single royal blue/orange cords.  After the order is placed, it takes about 4-6 business days for delivery.  For additional information, please see the Graduation Cord Manual below.



If you have any questions, please email the ASHP Pharmacy Student Forum at