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SOPIT Chair Message May 2020

Samm Anderegg, Pharm.D., M.S., BCPS

May 2020

Dear Friends,

It’s safe to say our lives have changed. We are adjusting to a new reality at work and at home, while coping with fear, anxiety, and confusion. Let’s be real...this is hard. As patient care providers, we’re wired to be patient, tough, and resilient. It’s hard to be vulnerable and let others know you’re struggling. If you are, please reach out to someone--a friend, co-worker, or another ASHP member you met at a recent conference. We’re in this together.

My community has kept me going during this time. I’ve been leaning on friends, family, and colleagues for support. Video happy hours, online Euchre, and good old-fashioned phone calls have been therapeutic. Even the typical conference call has been a fun way to share stories...and vent if you need to. Kindness from others has given me energy to pay it forward. If you’re in a rut, reach out to a friend. If you’re stuck in your own head, ask yourself what you can do for others. Pass it on, and they will too.

It’s also important to celebrate the good.  For example, some of our SOPIT family members were recently named ASHP Fellows!  We have some wonderful candidates slated for the SOPIT Executive Committee election.  And our SOPIT members have been publishing awesome content on Working Remotely, Augmented Reality, Product Management, the Pharmacist eCare Plan, Data Literacy, and TEFCA.

We won’t be able to celebrate in person at Summer Meeting, so if you have a moment, send them a note to say congratulations or that you appreciated their perspective.  Lead with kindness.  Lean on your peers.  Support each other.  We are a community and we’re in this together.  

Best regards,

Samm Anderegg, Pharm.D., M.S., BCBS
Chair, Section of Pharmacy Informatics and Technology