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Advancement Tools

As members learn about and engage with the PAI 2030 recommendations, ASHP will collaborate with you to create practical, effective tools and guidance that address practice advancement for diverse career points and practice settings. Those tools will appear here.



ASHP developed the PAI Hospital Self-Assessment and the Ambulatory Care Self-Assessment for the previous iteration of the Practice Advancement Initiative. These tools, based on the original PAI recommendations, have been used by pharmacists and state affiliates to guide and assess progress towards practice advancement. These self-assessments will remain accessible for a period of time so those using them as part of their advancement strategy can plan the transition to PAI 2030. A new self-assessment tool, based on the PAI 2030 recommendations, is under development.


Practice Advancement Case Studies

Share how your practice site is implementing one or more of the PAI 2030 recommendations. Your experiences may be included in our PAI 2030 Case Studies, designed to help hospitals, health systems, or other practice areas create momentum on similar initiatives.

Your testimonials will show how the implementation of PAI recommendations can promote optimal medication use, expand pharmacist and technician roles, and harness data to improve patient health.

As we review your submissions, we will follow up with any additional questions and/or next steps.


Share Your Advancement Idea

If you have an idea for the creation of a tool or resource, or if you would like to help create, review, or test new tools, please let us know by submitting the form below.