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Journal Club Outlines and Examples

The available options include:

Articles by Leadership Concept Format

  • Participants can select an article from one of the six leadership categories to host a journal club on a select topic.

One-Year Residency Format

  • Participants can follow the formatted monthly schedule of select topics, such as Harvey AK Whitney Award lectures, to discuss over a one-year timeframe with residents and the pharmacy department.

One-Year Self-Paced Leadership Format

  • Participants can follow a formatted monthly schedule for select topics, such as interviews with pharmacy leaders by Sara J. White, to complete at their own pace over a one-year timeframe.

Example handouts and outlines are available to help in facilitating discussion and reviewing the main points of the article.There are several formats you can use to create your own Leadership Journal Club experience.

Each outline contains the following information:

  • Discussion questions
  • Follow-up Points
  • Take Home Points
  • References

Note: Some articles may be found under multiple topics. You can review example handouts here and use this outline to help you get started. Additionally, some articles have a synopsis handout previously created to add to your journal club experience. Please feel free to utilize these handouts to briefly review various leadership articles. These synopsis handouts can be found here.

All of these tools should be utilized for a successful journal club experience. Once you have covered one concept, move on to the next!

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