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Starting a Leadership Journal Club

The purpose of the leadership journal club is for “new practitioners and other pharmacists to gain increased exposure to leadership concepts through reading and reflecting on the literature about leadership”. This allows students, residents, and practitioners to develop an understanding of leadership through personal reflection and cooperative learning. (Wombwell E. et al. Leadership journal club. Am J Health Syst Pharm. 2011; 68: 2026–7).

Competency of Participants Upon Completion of Leadership Journal Club

Journal club participants should be able to:

  • Define leadership in the profession of pharmacy
  • Describe key concepts in effective pharmacy leadership
  • Formulate strategies to improve leadership skills


The participants for the journal club should include a mix of individuals with a variety of experiences to allow for established leaders in the organization to interact with new practitioners, residents, and students. This creates the opportunity for learners and leaders to share a variety of experiences and ideas to create a cooperative discussion. 


Facilitators can be anyone in the pharmacy department such as residents, preceptors, residency directors, pharmacy administrators, lead technicians, or other interested parties. In general, residents may lead the sessions and solicit feedback from the attendees.  Duties of the facilitator can be adapted, and junior members can serve as co-facilitators to help with discussion and topic selection. 

Duties of the facilitators/co-facilitators include: 

  • Topic selection and scheduling of meeting 
  • Development of discussion questions to guide conversation 
  • Assigning follow-up points for individual learning 
  • Generating take-home points 

Key Leadership Concept Areas

Topic areas may be selected from the proposed schedule suggested by the ASHP New Practitioners Forum. The schedule should be flexible to allow facilitators and participants to select topics in their interest area. To allow for a broad spectrum of topics, the facilitator of the leadership journal club may drive topic selection to allow selection of articles to address the six key leadership areas identified by AJHP:

  • Managerial development
  • Resident-specific learning
  • Defining leadership
  • Leadership development 
  • Compassionate leading
  • Creating change 

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