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Ideas to Try

Ideas on How to Observe the National Pharmacy Week

Open House / Pharmacy Tours

This activity allows you to give your organization’s administrator and other staff a glimpse into the daily operations of the pharmacy. During the tour, describe the range of pharmacy activities and share success stories about improved patient outcomes and enhanced medication safety. You can also:

  • Provide statistics about the number and types of calls received from the medical and nursing staff.
  • Point out any technological advances, such as automated dispensing machines, and discuss their impact on your ability to provide clinical services.

Meet and Greet

Invite patients and their caregivers to meet the pharmacy staff and ask questions about their medication therapies. Because some patients may be unable to leave their rooms, caregivers may appreciate a quick diversion and can bring materials back to patients. Plan to give a short introduction at the Meet and Greet that includes:

  • An introduction of the pharmacy staff in attendance.
  • A description of the pharmacists’ activities at your facility.
  • An explanation of how those activities benefit patient care.
  • An invitation to ask questions about medication use.

Brown-Bag Workshops

Host a brown-bag session at ambulatory care clinics, health fairs, or when speaking to senior citizens’ groups. Encourage patients to bring their prescription and over-the-counter medications and discuss their drug therapy regimens with a pharmacist. Be sure to:

  • Publicize the event at least four weeks in advance using social media and notices in local newspapers.
  • Provide participants with handouts on safe medication use and giveaways such as pens, bookmarks, or magnets that will remind them of the pharmacy staff’s role in their healthcare.
  • Inform patients about, ASHP’s website where consumers can find drug information and other important health resources.

“Take Your Legislator to Work”

Hosting a site visit for your legislators is one of the best ways to educate them about the roles that pharmacists play in patient care. Make sure that a pharmacist in your facility is conducting high-level patient care services such as chronic care, critical care, disease management or wellness clinics, chemotherapy, or transitions of care. For more assistance in planning a visit for your legislator, contact ASHP's Government Relations Division.

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