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Career Profile

Laura Britton

Laura Britton

Pharm.D., BCPS, CACP

Supervisor, Ambulatory Services

University of Utah Health Care

Primary Specialty: Ambulatory Care; Other Specialties: HealthCare Administration

Education and Advanced Training

I received my Pharm.D. from the University of Illinois and completed residency training at the Chicago Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Type of Patient Population Served

I serve a part affluent, part indigent population.

Roles and Responsibilities

I supervise the ambulatory care staff, develop clinical services (discharge med rec, MTM, CDTM), work on billing for services, and budgeting. In addition I serve on several hospital, college, and national committees.

How I Got to Where I Am Today

I tend to reinvent myself every 5 years. I continue to work hard to improve my management skills, which clinical practice does not really prepare you for. I have worked in several areas including with the Indian Health Service, with a transplant service, with a college of pharmacy, developed patient literature for a website, worked in ambulatory care. I have also managed an anticoagulation clinic, and now am supervising all of ambulatory care services at a medical center because I wanted to continue to have a supervisory role.

Advice for Students Pursuing This Career Path

I suggest to get a lot of different experiences early (do a residency or two) in your career so that you can see how many different types of practices are out there. Try to move away from your home area to get a broader perspective of how things are done. Also, be flexible and willing to change as needs change. Be ready and willing to re-invent yourself and your practice from time to time. Do not go into a new job with all the answers as only few will listen and will most certainly think you are a know-it-all. Learn how to document the effect your work has on patient care, on other health care professionals, and on the institution’s bottom line. Realize that pharmacists in any area of practice have special skills that are to be respected and appreciated. No one area should think they are better or more clinical than another. Always respect authority, dodge politics, and be friendly and caring to all your customers.

Professional Organizations Outside Daily Job Responsibilities

I am a member of local and national organizations, including ASHP. I serve on the ASHP Section of Home, Ambulatory and Chronic Care Practitioners Advisory Group on Cognitive Reimbursement Resources. I volunteer at a homeless clinic once monthly, and I also volunteer for ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting activities such as new member lounge and career roundtables.

Contact Information

You can reach Laura by e-mail at

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