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James Stevenson

Credentials: Pharm.D., RPh, FASHP
Position/Title: Director of Pharmacy Services, Professor and Associate Dean for Clinical Sciences
Organization: University of Michigan Health System and College of Pharmacy
Primary Specialty: HealthCare Administration
Specialties: Medication Safety, Informatics, Health Outcomes and Pharmacoeconomics

Education/Advanced Training

I initially completed a B.S. in Pharmacy when that was the entry level degree. I subsequently obtained a post-B.S. Pharm.D. degree. I have also completed a variety of executive education programs in leadership, business, and outcomes research.

Type of Patient Population Served

The patients served are an extremely diverse population from neonates to geriatrics; inpatients and outpatients.

Roles and Responsibilities

Responsible for all pharmacy services in a large academic medical center. This includes inpatient services in several hospitals, retail pharmacies, infusion pharmacies, and clinical pharmacy services in all settings. I also help manage the prescription drug benefit for the university employees, dependants, and retirees.

How I Got Where I am Today

I did not plan to be an administrator. I started out as a clinical pharmacist in internal medicine and a faculty member. Quickly I saw the need for advanced clinical pharmacy services and better educational opportunities for young pharmacists (residencies), and so my focus changed to clinical pharmacy services management. Eventually I assumed more and more responsibility and ultimately became a pharmacy director. I have served as director of pharmacy services in several academic medical centers and have also been a faculty member; even being responsible for an academic program in health-system pharmacy management.

Advice for Students Pursuing this Career Path

There are several different paths to a career in health-system pharmacy management. Mine developed a little later in my career. I have never regretted the clinical practice that I had early on, and I think it has served me well. Whichever path you choose, you will need to continue to develop in the areas where you are less experienced so that you can become a well-rounded manager and leader.

Professional Organizations/Activities Outside Day-to-Day Job Responsibilities

I have always been involved in pharmacy organizations at the local, state, and national levels. Within ASHP I have served as a member and chair of the Council on Education Affairs (now the Council on Education and Workforce Development), a member of the Executive Committee of the Section of Pharmacy Practice Managers, and a member of the ASHP Board of Directors. While I have given much of my time and effort, I always have felt that I have received so much more from these organizations and my colleagues. Don't just join an organization, get involved actively.

Contact Information

You can reach me by e-mail at

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