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Bill Greene

Credentials: Pharm.D., BCPS, B.S. Pharmacy
Position/Title: Chief Pharmaceutical Officer
Organization: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Primary Specialty: Inpatient Care
Specialties: Ambulatory Care, Oncology, Pediatrics

Education/Advanced Training

I obtained a B.S. Pharmacy from UNC and my Pharm.D. from the University of Tennessee Center for Health Sciences. Later, I did a Hospital Pharmacy Residency at Duke University Hospital.

Type of Patient Population Served

St. Jude serves pediatric patients who have “catastrophic diseases,” including pediatric cancers (leukemia, lymphoma, brain and solid tumors, etc.), HIV infection/AIDS, and various hematologic disorders such as sickle cell disease and genetic immune or coagulation disorders.

Roles and Responsibilities

As Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, I am responsible for the day-to-day operations of all patient-care services involving pharmacy products or personnel. That includes everything the pharmacy does to assure proper functioning of the “medication-use system:” maintain drug inventory, proper prescribing, proper preparation, proper administration, and proper monitoring of the drugs given to our patients. Of course, this includes primarily “administrative” oversight of pharmacy operations, clinical pharmacy services, and quality/performance improvement. This also involves routine interaction with all segments and areas where pharmacists and pharmacy technicians practice, and includes extensive interaction with medical staff and organization administrative leadership. I also routinely interact with pharmacy students and pharmacy residents who are based at St. Jude.

How I Got Where I am Today

Residency, then Clinical Pharmacist in Internal Medicine (acute care community/teaching hospital) - resulted in developing role in Infectious Disease; then I was recruited to new adult acute-care hospital to lead development of clinical pharmacy services. I moved on to practice in Internal Medicine/Infectious Diseases with Administrative responsibilities for 8 years, then became more involved in leadership/development of clinical practices and drug use guidelines for "system." Finally, I was recruited to fill the CPO position at the pediatric-oncology research center.

Advice for Students Pursuing this Career Path

Focus on doing your job well (not complaining about what others don't do). Develop relationships with pharmacy AND medical colleagues, and learn from them. Be humble enough to seek and listen to advice from peers & mentors. Learn to work well with people who (at first) you may not like.

Professional Organizations/Activities Outside Day-to-Day Job Responsibilities

I have an extensive history of involvement in our state pharmacy organization, in ASHP, and in ACCP. I am currently President-elect of Tennessee Pharmacists’ Association (TPA) – the single state-wide pharmacy organization. This involvement includes addressing professional issues of relevance to pharmacists in the State of Tennessee, interaction with legislators and regulatory representatives, collaboration with pharmacists from across the state, and input into organizational issues of relevance to TPA. I am also involved with ASHP as a Fellow, and have been appointed to various Councils through the years (no Council appointment for this year). This work has led me to be engaged directly in setting policy for the organization, and has provided an opportunity for me to become engaged in work with FDA Advisory Committees.

Contact Information

You can reach Bill by e-mail at

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