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PSF Executive Committee Message May 2020

Pharmacy Student Forum Executive Committee

May 2020

Dear student pharmacists,

On behalf of the Pharmacy Student Forum, we would like to congratulate you for the completion of the academic year. Special wishes go out to the Class of 2020 for making the transition from students to pharmacy practitioners, congratulations for achieving this great milestone! 

This past year has been less than ordinary, as we were faced with a pandemic, COVID-19. In this challenging time, we had to change, persevere, and adapt to a new environment. Many of us transitioned to online classes and rotations, others experienced postponement in their studies, experiences, or even graduations. It has not been easy. During this time, pharmacists, student pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians came together to protect patients at the frontlines of patient care. We have all entered the profession of pharmacy to help others, and in this time of need, our value and principles remain as strong as ever. Although many of you may not walk down that stage for your diploma, know that the biggest pride comes in the knowledge you have earned during the past four years, knowledge that will equip you take care of the worlds’ most vulnerable.

Though the challenges we faced and will continue to face in the aftermath of COVID-19 brought some disappointments, they have also been undoubtedly catalytic to our profession. We came together to educate members of  Congress about what pharmacists are capable of, continued to fight for mitigation strategies to the shortages of drugs and medical supplies, and provided resources for clinician readiness and resilience. ASHP continues to lead our profession forward by helping pharmacy practitioners stay updated on cutting-edge, evidence-based medicine and pushing for the recognition and incorporation of pharmacists in the healthcare team and reimbursement models.

Although the next few months are filled with some uncertainty, take time to enjoy friends and family. Take a moment to celebrate and feel proud for completing another year of academics, and being one step closer to serving such a great profession. You are the future of our profession: resilient, adaptable, and strong. 

The Pharmacy Student Forum Executive Committee wants to thank you all for allowing us to serve you during this past year. We all enjoyed being a part of a great organization, and we hope you will continue to engage with ASHP as student, resident, and practitioner. We have accomplished a lot as individuals and as a profession, but there is more work to be done for our patients. Best of luck to everyone transitioning to the next year of pharmacy school, as well as P4s transitioning to new practitioners. We are happy to continue serving as your professional home throughout your career, as together, we help advance pharmacy to achieve optimal health outcomes despite all challenges we may face. 

Best wishes,
Executive Committee 2019-2020
ASHP Pharmacy Student Forum

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