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Past PSF Chair Message May 2017

Jenna Fancher
Chair, Pharmacy Student Forum Executive Committee

May 2017

Good morning Pharmacy Student Forum Members,

It is a bittersweet moment for me, and I am sure many of you, as I close the chapter on my student-pharmacist career. I just completed my last rotation and am eager to embark on the next phase… becoming a licensed pharmacist! While this is a stressful time for many of us, it is a truly exciting time because all of that hard work is finally starting to pay off. For those of you who are still progressing through pharmacy school, you have officially tackled another year! Before you know it, you too will be opening up that test prep book and heading off into the “real world”.

For those of you gearing up for your career, fellowship, residency, etc., I wish you the best of luck as you transition into the role of a new practitioner. For those of you who will be embarking on rotations next year, I encourage you to make the absolute most out of every rotation… I think you will find that if you enter each block with an open mind and an eager attitude, you’ll end up with a much more impactful experience. For our student members who are returning to the classroom, embrace this phase of your student-pharmacist career and soak up as much knowledge as possible to properly prepare yourself for upcoming rotations — they will be here before you know it!

Regardless of what phase of your pharmacy career, I truly hope each of you finds a professional home with ASHP. I have had so much exposure to the “inner workings” of this organization and I can honestly say that the commitment and dedication that ASHP has for its members is unwavering. There are resources, leadership opportunities, and avenues for professional development for every phase of your student-pharmacist career. For those of you graduating, these same benefits are offered for new practitioners as well and this organization is truly dedicated to continue supporting the professional needs of all its membership types.

Now, let’s recap some of the highlights from this year! First, the Executive Committee had a strong start to the year by immediately expanding opportunities for national involvement — a request from many of our student members. Graduation cords are also now available to students who meet certain criteria, another project that was completed due to the demand from our student members. Our two national meetings, the Summer Meeting and the Midyear Clinical Meeting, were huge successes with highly attended student programming at both. Lastly, the Executive Committee has collaborated closely with our student Council representatives this year and this collaboration will continue as the incoming representatives and Executive Committee members come on board. It has been a productive and fruitful year for ASHP as the vast amount of resources offered to its student members continues to grow.

It has been an absolute honor serving as your Chair this year. I want to sincerely thank everyone who was integral in moving this organization forward — the Executive Committee (members: Kristy Nguyen, Adam Smith, Kelsey Stephens, Lauren Stanz; Director: Diana Dabdub; Board liaison: Jennifer Schultz), our advisory group members, Council representatives, ad hoc committee members, and all of our student leaders across the nation. Finally, I would like to thank each and every one of you for allowing me the opportunity to represent the “student voice” within ASHP. It has been an absolute pleasure serving the Pharmacy Student Forum over the last two years. I will carry this passion and commitment to this organization as I transition into the role of a new practitioner.

I would like to take this final opportunity to encourage each one of you to become an active and engaged member of ASHP. Take that leap of faith and apply for national opportunities. Attend the Summer and Midyear meetings to expand your professional network and develop your professional and leadership skills. Through active involvement, you will find the impact on your student-pharmacist career to be much more significant and meaningful.

I wish you all the best of luck with your next steps, whatever they may be!

Thank you,


Jenna Fancher, M.A.
Pharm.D. Candidate 2017
Jefferson College of Pharmacy
Chair, ASHP Pharmacy Student Forum Executive Committee