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Jenny Nguyen

Jenny Nguyen

Jenny Nguyen

MCPHS University - Boston

Graduation Year: 2020

How and why I became interested in being appointed to the Pharmacy Student Forum Executive Committee

Throughout my 5 years in Pharmacy school, I have been a part of my SSHP chapter since my first year. Every year I have grown to become a stronger leader from this organization and more aware of our profession as a whole in the healthcare system. I have also been serving on the Community and eCommunications advisory group (CeCAG) the past two years. With both experiences, I have seen a wide variety of activities and opportunities as well as met with and worked influential student leaders. More specifically after being the chair for CeCAG the past year, I had the opportunity to interact more closely with the students in Pharmacy Student Forum Executive Committee, which encouraged me to apply. In addition, I decided to further my experience as well as share my experience by serving on the Pharmacy Student Forum Executive Committee to bring back to the students and the SSHP chapters. I’m honored to be serving in P the Pharmacy Student Forum Executive Committee this year to continue my dedication and passion for this organization and to further provide valuable resources and a strong network for our current pharmacy students across the nation.

Professional interests

  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Academia
  • Oncology
  • Pediatrics

How being a member of ASHP has assisted in my personal and professional development

ASHP has opened my eyes to the many different pathways that one could do, and the many specialties offered to us as pharmacists. I also became more knowledgeable about the value a pharmacy residency and fellowship program can offer students post-graduation through guest speakers and national conferences. Being involved with the SSHP chapter at MCPHS University opened up many opportunities for me to grow as well as getting to know all these strong and inspirational student leaders and faculties. My pharmacy network wouldn’t be as expanded to where it is today without ASHP. In addition, I have grown to be more confident as a leader and a stronger advocate for the pharmacy profession to help fight our rights as healthcare providers. Throughout ASHP, I have had the opportunity to also collaborate with other pharmacy organizations within our university as well as neighboring universities such as Northeastern University, MCPHS Worcester, and Western New England University and other health care organizations such as physician assistant and nursing to create innovative interprofessional events for our students. Overall, ASHP has opened my eyes to the bigger picture of the pharmacy world and what it entails and the numerous of resources to make students stand out.

Goals for the year as a PSFEC Member

  • Enhance the student community and network through social media and ASHP Connect across the states
  • Bring more recognition to the many resources the Student Forum offers
  • Meet with new students to hear about any new and innovative activities they have done to learn from them
  • Provide additional resources for students to learn about postgraduate opportunities 
  • Increase awareness regarding pharmacy burn out and resources for management

Fun fact

Born and raised in Norway for 16 years, but 100% Vietnamese.

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