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Autumn Pinard

Autumn Pinard

Autumn Pinard

University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy

Graduation Year: 2022

Reasons for selecting pharmacy:
I became interested in the pharmacy profession through a position I obtained after graduating early from high school. I lived in small town in New Mexico and was hired on as a Pharmacy Technician at our newly opened community pharmacy. It was through this position and the next 14 years I spent in the pharmacy that I fell in love with the field and wanted to pursue it further. Pharmacists are one of the most trusted health professionals and I am proud to be a future Pharmacist.

Professional Interests: 

  • Association Management
  • Hospital and Health-System Administration
  • Ambulatory Care
  • Cardiology
  • Academia

Interest in the PSF Executive Committee:
My interest in ASHP began in my first year of pharmacy school when I first learned about this organization and what it can do for students and practitioners. I have been serving my local chapter at the University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy as part of the Professional Development team. Although this has been a wonderful experience and aligns with what I am passionate about, it was my involvement with ASHP directly as one of the ASHP Summer Interns last year that really made me interested in serving on the PSF Executive Committee team. The Executive Committee provides opportunity to further develop leadership skills while also supporting student member involvement. I look forward to being a resource for others and sharing my passion for professional development, wellness, and ASHP with other student pharmacists!

How being a member of ASHP has assisted in my personal and professional development:
ASHP has been a huge resource for my personal and professional development. This organization provides many unique resources and opportunities for students and practitioners alike. ASHP has provided me with unique opportunities to expand my networks, which has allowed me to further develop my confidence not only as an individual but as a future Pharmacist. The ASHP Summer Internship pushed me out of my comfort zone and through this experience I discovered a professional interest in Association Management. Lastly, the resources that I have had access to as an ASHP member have been invaluable, such as the CV Review Program, the Student Residency Guide, the many Career Development and Leadership Resources, and of course, the annual meetings.

Goals for the year as a PSFEC Member:

  • Promote awareness of ASHP resources for Pharmacy Students
  • Promote leadership for pharmacy students and help them to enhance their leadership skills
  • Increase awareness of burnout resources and promote the well-being of others in the profession
    Enhance student member engagement with ASHP

Fun Fact: I am married with 3 furry children (pups): Link, Zelda, and Navi. Link and Zelda are both Shepherd/Rottweiler mixes and Navi is a Boston Terrier.