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Summer Intern Profile

Tyler Leroy

School: University of Charleston School of Pharmacy
Graduation Year: Class of 2020

How and Why I Became Interested in the ASHP Summer Internship

Originally, ASHP’s summer internship was brought to my attention by the previous president of our student society (Thank you Sara Yagodich!)  She encouraged me to apply and knew the experience would help me grow as a leader, and demonstrate a totally different perspective of pharmacy. As the rising president of my SSHP, I look forward to applying the skills I have garnered throughout the summer. Honestly though, I had no idea I would have even made it to the interview portion of the process let alone become the summer intern; as such, I encourage all of you to attempt some form of internship!

My Role as an Intern

As the ASHP summer intern, I had the opportunity to participate in a variety of projects. My primary project was revamping the student recruitment campaign. I was tasked with providing work on the ground level, as well as providing student input throughout the process for everything that was produced. It is also surprisingly difficult to collate everyone’s thoughts and opinions to match the desired overall tone of a PowerPoint, brochure, or presentation. One of the main projects I worked on was developing a script for the ASHP student recruitment video, which was by far more challenging then I could have imagined, but equally rewarding. As a student intern, I learned that I should take initiative and ask for additional projects and because of that I had a chance to work on projects regarding policy, SSHP recognition, and medication policies. Overall, day to day had some variance because of meetings with ASHP staff regarding projects, or visiting other pharmacy organizations in the DC area (i.e. Pharmacy Quality Alliance, American Pharmacists Association, United States Pharmacopeia, etc.) as part of the summer intern tours.

Other Internship Experiences

Networking, networking, networking! I met amazing pharmacists from across the nation and with varying practice areas from to oncology, to cardiology, to pediatrics, to pharmacy leadership and administration, and everything in between. Not only that, but the Summer Intern Tours provided me an opportunity to meet and connect with all the other pharmacy organizations and their respective interns/rotation students. On a personal level, I attended a National’s baseball game with the ASHP staff, saw Annapolis, climbed a mountain in Virginia, and went hiking to the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Fun Fact

I believe that living life and having a good story to tell are incredibly important aspects to the human condition; as such, I have flown a plane, skydived, and chased a bear at one point in time or another.  I implore you to take a risk every now and again, whether it be academically, physically, or socially. Fortune favors the bold!

Contact Information

Please feel free to email me with any questions about my experiences as an ASHP Summer Intern:

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