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Summer Internship Protocol

The ASHP Summer Internship is a nine-ten week training program for a doctor of pharmacy student conducted at the ASHP Headquarters in Bethesda, MD.

Purpose and Objectives

  • To provide an undergraduate pharmacy student with an opportunity to gain association experience in the specific areas of membership development and membership marketing at a national association headquarters.
  • To provide an understanding of the importance of pharmacy associations to the profession.
  • To provide an understanding of the value of participation in local, state, and national pharmacy organizations.

Qualification and Selection of the Applicant

  • The applicant shall be a full-time doctor of pharmacy student at an ACPE-accredited school of pharmacy having completed his/her first professional year upon start of internship.
  • The applicant must be in good academic standing.
  • The applicant shall have demonstrated interest in organizational activities through participation in student organizations or clubs at his/her college or university or other community organizations.
  • The applicant shall be recommended by his/her present or former employers/preceptors, and/or college faculty or Dean.
  • Selection of the applicant shall be the responsibility of the ASHP Summer Internship Committee and additional staff members as needed.

Internship Schedule and Activities

  • Throughout the ten week program internship at the ASHP office, the intern shall attend orientation meeting with ASHP staff.
  • The internship shall consist of 337.5 hours of training time extending over a period of 9-10 working weeks.
  • Following orientation, the intern will be assigned a project(s) within the office to which the intern is assigned.
  • The Intern will attend relevant meetings of division staff, and meetings external to the division which preceptor deems to be appropriate.
  • When feasible, the intern will attend meetings involving outside agencies, organizations, and other groups having a bearing on the membership responsibilities of the ASHP staff. Visits to other pharmacy organizations may be scheduled as time permits.
  • Emphasis will be given to on-the-job training aspects of the internship. The training schedule and assignments will be patterned to permit the intern to pursue, in-depth, those activities within the division which he/she is most interested.

Educational Objectives

Upon completing the program, the ASHP summer intern will:

  1. Understand how associations are structured and where ASHP fits in comparison to other associations in general;
  2. Understand the need for and purpose of pharmacy organizations and of ASHP in particular;
  3. Have general knowledge of the full range of association activities (e.g. publications, government affairs, educational services, meeting planning, and professional activities).

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