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SSHP Programs and Resources

SSHP Programs

ASHP-SSHP Recognition Program

SSHP Development Grant Program

SSHP Co-Mentorship Pilot Program

Member Recruitment

SSHP Membership Drives
Get membership recruitment ideas and resources, including recruitment presentations, flyers, and applications.

Start a SSHP on Your Campus
Find out how you can launch a new SSHP on your campus to support students interested in health-system pharmacy careers.

Communication and Engagement

Social Media Resources
Connect with your SSHP members via social media using our sample posts, graphics, and tips.

ASHP on Facebook
Connect with student society leaders from across the nation.

ASHP-SSHP Recognition Logo
Use the official SSHP logo for your communication vehicles such as Facebook, websites, presentations, and more.

Student Calendar of Events
Keep your SSHP members up-to-date on the upcoming events, dates and deadlines from ASHP.

Meeting Programming

Access live and recorded webinars—a perfect addition to your next SSHP meeting!

Find template presentations on a variety of topics including residency training, health-system pharmacy careers, and more.

Get Your SSHP Involved

Advocacy for Students
Learn how SSHP members can become advocates for the profession.

Fundraising and Philanthropy
Explore unique ideas for Student Society support and how you can give back to the profession.

Collaborating with State Affiliates
Explore ideas for collaboration between SSHPs and State Affiliates.

Share and Reapply
Learn about what other SSHPs are doing on their campuses, and share your projects.

National Meetings and Events

ASHP National Meetings and Conferences
View opportunities for emerging student leaders at ASHP’s annual events.

Student Society Showcase
Share best practices with SSHP members at the Midyear Clinical Meeting.

ASHP Clinical Skills Competition
Find resources for competition participants and coordinators.

Health Obervances

List of Health Observances that promote health awareness sponsored by various health organizations in the US.

ASHP Graduation Cord Program

Earn an ASHP Graduation Cord that can be worn as part of graduation regalia that symbolizes your hard work and dedication to both the Society and profession.