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Program Requirements


Hold at least one membership drive during the academic year to recruit members for ASHP, the ASHP state affiliate organization (if one exists), and the student society of health-system pharmacy.

Career Development

Participate in the administration of the ASHP Clinical Skills Competition at your school. Your school must be represented at the national competition at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting in December. This requirement may be waived if your school does not yet have students in their third professional year.

Coordinate at least two events featuring speakers representing health-system practice. It is strongly recommended that SSHPs contact the ASHP state affiliate organization to assist in the identification of potential speakers from within their membership. Try having a faculty member or local practitioner use the Health-System Pharmacy Career Introduction Presentation to expose your members to a variety of career options.

Coordinate at least one informational session on residency training. It is strongly recommended that SSHPs seek involvement from the ASHP state affiliate organization in the planning and implementation of this session. Residency directors and preceptors are often members of the state affiliate organization. You can find additional information to assist you with planning a successful session in the Residency section of this website.

Professional Development Project

NEW for 2018-2019: SSHP Recognition Program Criteria Change
The Professional Development Project recognition criterion is being updated to directly align with ASHP’s Strategic Plan Goal 1.4: Improve Patient Care by Enhancing the Well-being and Resilience of Pharmacists, Student Pharmacists, and Pharmacy Technicians. SSHPs will coordinate at least one activity related to Workforce Well-Being and Resilience. This would support the development of education to help student pharmacists address burnout. SSHPs are encouraged to become familiar with the Well-being and resilience Connect Community and Resource Page as they create a student program focused on well-being and resilience.

ASHP State Affiliate Involvement

Collaborate with the ASHP state affiliate on at least one (1) SSHP activity (career development activities or professional development project).

PAI Incorporation

Incorporate PAI in at least one (1) SSHP activity (career development activities or professional development project). Ideas for incorporating PAI include: a guest speaker presenting on a PAI topic, the SSHP professional development project focusing on one of the PAI recommendations, etc.

Visit the Share and Reapply page to find additional ideas and projects implemented by other Student Societies.

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