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PAI: Empowering Students to Become Agents of Change

ASHP Leadership Agenda Item

Foster optimal models for team-based, patient-centered care that includes the pharmacist as the expert in medication therapy management.


The Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI) is a movement towards change in the way pharmacists practice in hospitals and health systems. Although we are making progress moving from a product-focused profession to one that is patient-focused, standard patient care related services, which should be consistently provided by all departments of pharmacy, do not currently exist. The goal of this initiative and is to positively impact patient care by developing and disseminating a progressive practice model that supports the effective use of pharmacists as direct patient care providers. The invitational consensus conference, held on November 7-9, 2010, in Dallas, Texas, was only the beginning. The real work continues in the implementation of new services for the profession along with changes in resources and technology allocation. It truly is a pivotal time. It will be the professional duty of the next generation of practitioners to sustain a forward-thinking hospital and health-system pharmacy practice model based on the foundation set in Dallas. Leadership in this arena is going to be required in all aspects of the medication-use process, from frontline practitioners to executives to ensure success.

To bring awareness to this important topic, SSHPs are encouraged to design and implement a project focusing on the PAI.


  • To increase student awareness of the Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI);
  • To empower students to become agents of change through a thoughtful understand of the impact of the PAI on the future of their profession; and
  • To encourage students to make their voice heard concerning the summit proceedings on a local, state, and national level.

SSHP Project Ideas

How Can We Learn More About the PAI?

Visit the PAI website to review the Summit proceedings and read the Practice Model Spotlights to see what hospitals and health systems nationwide are doing to send the practice model into a new direction.

Plan an Event to View the Live Webcast with Wour SSHP

  • Collaborate with your ASHP state affiliate to plan an event on your campus, at a local hospital or at the state affiliate annual meeting;
  • Invite members, faculty, and local practitioners from your state affiliate to engage in dialogue about the PAI and the proceedings of the summit;
  • Present the template of a PAI PowerPoint presentation and distribute PAI FAQ for students;
  • Share and discuss what PAI means to you; and
  • Remember to ask questions and share feedback, post on ASHP Facebook and Twitter accounts, or share your feelings on you personal blogs.


Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI) Website

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