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Collaborating with Pharmacy Schools at the State Level

The Student Section Executive Committee (SSEC) of the Texas Society of Health-System Pharmacists

A strong relationship between Student Societies of Health-System Pharmacy (SSHP) and ASHP State Affiliates is important to help societies grow professionally and to expose members to the world of health-system pharmacy outside of the school. This document was developed to serve as an example of how State Affiliates can create their own student component group and have representatives from each of the colleges of pharmacy sit on their board. Included are a number of examples from the Texas Society of Health System Pharmacists (TSHP) regarding their collaboration with student members through the Student Section Executive Committee (SSEC).


The SSEC became an official council of the Texas Society of Health-System Pharmacists in 1998. The members are SSHP leaders from each of the six pharmacy schools in Texas: Texas A&M University, Texas Southern University, Texas Tech University, The University of Houston and The University of Texas. The members work alongside the TSHP Executive Director and Section Liaison.


Although the members of the SSEC are spread throughout the state of Texas, the society has been able to create a very effective means of communication.

  • SSEC Annual Retreat
    The society gets together for one weekend over the summer to create a face-to-face relationship and make plans for the upcoming school year.
  • Conference Calls
    The members of the SSEC take part in monthly conference calls to discuss projects and update members on news and events.
  • SSEC Newsletter
    The SSEC produces a quarterly E-newsletter with input from each of the society presidents as well as the SSEC chair. This newsletter informs students of upcoming deadlines and initiatives and provides updates from ASHP, TSHP and the SSHPs.


The SSEC holds a crucial role in developing student programming for TSHP’s Annual Seminar. Beyond that, the group focuses on promoting Hospital and Health-System Pharmacy Week.

  • TSHP Annual Meeting Preparation
    Throughout the year, the SSEC develops student programming for the TSHP Annual Seminar. Preparation includes designing the student educational programming, recruiting speakers, and organizing the student social and networking events. The committee creates a student insert in the annual seminar program that details the student schedule and outlines the Disease StateManagement and Clinical Skills Competitions.
  • Hospital and Health-System Pharmacy Week
    To promote this area of pharmacy practice, the SSEC authors an article to publish in community and campus newspapers. The article highlights health-system pharmacy and encourages students to celebrate their local pharmacists. In addition, the SSEC created a Mentor Award for each SSHP to use in order to recognize noteworthy preceptors.

Community Involvement

The Student Section Executive Committee creates state initiatives for the six SSHPs in Texas. These initiatives focus on the needs of Texans and use the pharmacy students’ expertise to make a difference in their respective communities. The SSEC provides useful resources, tips and templates to help the SSHPs create the events.

  • Antibiotic/Antiviral Statewide Project
    The SSEC has created and distributed informative pamphlets and other resources for the SSHPs to use as they form successful antibiotic projects. Some societies focus on educating school age children and their parents about antibiotic use, hand-washing and disease prevention, while other schools tackle issues like antibiotic resistance and disease spread in the hospital setting.
  • Medication Safety Initiative
    The SSEC created this initiative with the goal of increasing awareness among children, adolescents and adults about proper use, storage, and disposal of prescription medications. SSHPs utilize poison control centers, national take-back days, discharge counseling sessions, and school settings to get this important information out.


Since 1999, the SSEC has endeavored to foster leadership, collaboration, and involvement among pharmacy students across Texas. Students have been able to develop their professional and leadership skills by creating and implementing statewide programs with participation from all of the Texas pharmacy schools. Through these collaborative efforts, networking among students, new practitioners, and other pharmacists has increased. The SSEC looks forward to further growth and continuing to serve as a voice for students.

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