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Marshall University School of Pharmacy Project Summary

School Name

Marshall University School of Pharmacy

Membership Drive

Marshall University Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists (MUSSHP) began the fall semester by giving an informed presentation to the P1 class about our student society and what we have to offer them as they progress in their pharmacy career. An Ice Cream Social was held to build support for the SSHP and assisted students with the registration or renewal of their membership. Students were also able to register with an SSHP executive committee member at a table set up outside the classrooms, and lunch was provided to students who registered with the local, state and national organizations by the end of the week. In addition to our fall Membership Drive, a Hot Chocolate Event was hosted at the beginning of the spring semester and encouraged students to sign up and get involved in. Grant funds were allocated towards providing food and drinks for these events.

Career Development

Health-Systems Speakers
Throughout the academic year, MUSSHP was able to host five speakers that presented on the steps students can take at every level of their education to improve their chances of obtaining a residency. Topics included what to look for in a residency program, how to best prepare for the Match process, and residency interviews. Speakers included Dr. Jamie Allman, Dr. Jason Strow, Lauren Robinson, Delilah Navarro and Courtney Atzinger. These sessions were very informative for students who were able to participate. Grant funds were used to provide pizza for these events.

Residency Training

With the help of the Marshall University School of Pharmacy (MUSOP) staff and our SSHP committee members, we were able to host a CV Workshop that assisted students who were interested in pursuing internships, leadership opportunities, and residency programs. Students were scheduled 30 minutes to spend with a pharmacy professor who would walk through the CV with the student and make recommendations when needed. Grant funds were allocated to purchasing thank you cards and a small gift for the professors that gave of their time to support this event.

Clinical Skills Competition

MUSSHP hosted its annual Clinical Skills Competition and had several teams that competed for the chance to represent our school at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting. Judges were clinical pharmacists from local hospitals, who volunteered their time to evaluate the cases and choose MUSOP's winner.

Professional Development Project

Professional Networking Gala
MUSSHP hosted the Queen of Hearts Masquerade Gala on March 5th. The event consisted of dinner, dancing, card games, and a silent auction that raised money for the local homeless shelter of Huntington, West Virginia. Healthcare professionals and pharmacy students alike were able to enjoy the events of the night and take advantage of networking opportunities in efforts to advance pharmacy practice. The remainder of the Grant funds assisted to support this cause.

PAI Project

The SSHP President gave an informative presentation on the importance of PAI to the students of MUSSHP. Together they collaborated on areas of interest and professional projects to pursue in the upcoming school year that would help decrease gaps of care at local hospitals.

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