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Nova Southeastern University Project Summary

School Name

Nova Southeastern University

Membership Drive

Our membership drive at our satellite campus in Puerto Rico (PR) mimicked the membership drives held at our currently established student societies in Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. During the P1 orientation, we gave a presentation that was broadcasted to the PR campus. In it, we highlighted the benefits and opportunities available upon joining student, regional, state and national Societies of Health-System Pharmacists. Additionally, prospective members were sent swag bags with pamphlets promoting our student society. Information tables were set up outside of the classrooms during the first two weeks of the academic year. Additionally, we hosted membership drives at each of our larger events throughout the year, including meetings and workshops.

Career Development

Health-Systems Speaker(s)
During the academic year, NSU-SSHP hosted a wide variety of speakers. These meetings were telecast via satellite to our Palm Beach and Puerto Rico campuses. Dr. Chay Reid, pharmacist from Jackson South Hospital and past NSU-SSHP president, spoke about creating a curriculum vitae. Dr. Dave Lacknauth, Director of Pharmacy at Memorial Hospital Miramar, spoke about interview preparation and skills.

Residency Training

Dr. Hoda Masmouei, a current PGY1 resident from Cleveland Clinic Florida and past president of NSU-SSHP, and Dr. Larisa Odessky, current AACP fellow, spoke about the experiences that led them to apply to post-graduate training and what their day-to-day life is like in their current positions. Additionally, we hosted a Residency Workshop. This included a residency showcase session featuring over 20 residency programs, a keynote speaker presentation from ASHP President-elect John Armitstead and two breakout sessions discussing the application process. The breakout sessions were led by Dr. Harry Marcelin, Pharmacy Operation Manager at Aventura Hospital, and Dr. Robert McGory, Associate Dean at NSU. All PR members were invited to attend the workshop in person and, if unable to do so, were also included in the keynote speaker presentation and breakout sessions via telecast to our satellite campus in San Juan, PR.

Professional Development 

Advocacy Project Project
Dr. Deborah Brown, the Legal and Regulatory Consultant for FSHP and ASHP PAC member, spoke about current advocacy efforts of FSHP and ASHP, including key legislation at the state and national level. Students lobbied with local representatives, senators and aides regarding the current laws that impact pharmacy in both Florida and Puerto Rico.

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