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South Dakota State University College of Pharmacy Project Summary

School Name

South Dakota State University (SDSU) College of Pharmacy

Membership Drive

Membership efforts comprised of many aspects, including a membership drive at the SDSU’s Organization Fair during the Fall semester, in which the student society discussed the benefits of joining SSHP and ASHP. Furthermore, a second membership drive was conducted in the Spring semester, encouraging students to join SSHP and seek leadership positions with the student society. At both of these drives, handouts and informational discussion were provided that described the activities, events and resources offered by the organizations. Grant funds were used to help prepare handouts and provide refreshments for the drives.

Career Development

Clinical Skills Development
The SDSU College of Pharmacy Clinical Skills Competition consisted of 13 teams within the P3 and P4 classes. College of Pharmacy faculty volunteered to score the written care plan component while a panel of volunteer health-systems pharmacists scored the oral care plan component of the competition. The local winners of this competition went on to represent SDSU at the ASHP Midyear.

Health-Systems Speaker(s)
The first speaker, Dr. Joel Van Heukelom, spoke on the role that pharmacists play within the emergency department. Students appreciated the engaging lecture describing interesting situations in which pharmacists may be participatory within the emergency department; furthermore, students were provided hands-on education, learning how to utilize Carpuject™ syringes that are common within the emergency department setting. The second speaker, Dr. Jeremy Daniel, spoke to the pre-pharmacy, P1 and P2 classes on the role that pharmacists play within behavioral health settings. Dr. Daniel provided a unique view of the role the pharmacist plays in helping treat patients with mental health issues while providing insight on how many patients hide this disorder and how common mental health issues are in our society. Grant funds were used to help provide pizza and refreshments for these first two speakers and attendees. The third speaker, ASHP Past-President Kathy Schultz, spoke during a college-wide convocation. Dr. Schultz provided on update on ASHP’s position on provider status and what each of the pharmacy students could do to help contribute to this cause.

Residency Training

Two residency training showcases were conducted. The first residency training showcase was provided in the Fall semester, targeting P3 and P4 students. This showcase focused on the ASHP Midyear and the accompanying Residency Showcase. A description of PhORCAS and the Match were provided. Additionally, current pharmacy practice residents and residency program directors were present to help conduct a question and answer session. A second residency training showcase was held in the Spring semester, targeting pre-pharmacy, P1 and P2 students. The showcase focused on introducing what residency training specifically entails and the benefits associated with a residency program. Current P4 students that were recently matched with a residency program provided insight into the reasons why they decided to do a residency and the benefits they expect to come with that experience. Furthermore, they were able to help provide guidance on what activities and experiences the current students could do to help enhance their chances at matching to a residency. Grant funds were used to provide pizza, sandwiches and refreshments for these events. Funds were also used to help give the volunteer speakers a small gift of appreciation.

Professional Development Project

Mentor-Mentee Program
The mentor-mentee project consists of P3 pharmacy students being matched with a practicing health-systems pharmacist in the local community. This year, we matched a total of 28 P3 students with practicing pharmacists. This program allows for students to gain practice experience with their mentors as well as gain additional advice on future professional goals and information about residency programs. We held an opening kick-off BBQ to allow the mentor-mentee pairs to meet each other. An end-of-the-year picnic was also held to wrap up the year and give thanks to the mentors that donated their time to this event. Grant funds were used for these events.

PPMI Project

The SSHP was able to partner with SDSHP this year to help advance the ASHP PPMI in South Dakota. A group of students and SDSHP members have helped spread the message of getting all health-systems in the state to complete the hospital self-assessment surveys. This project was a collaborative effort between the SSHP and SDSHP that has led South Dakota to be at an almost 50% completion rate of hospitals completing the PPMI survey.

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