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University of Maryland Eastern Shore School of Pharmacy Project Summary

School Name

University of Maryland Eastern Shore, School of Pharmacy

Membership Drive

We kicked off the membership drive with a presentation about our organization during orientation week for the new incoming class. The second event was an interest meeting opened to all classes who wanted to learn more about the chapter on an intimate level and the activities of the chapter for the year, introduction officers and advisors, information about MSHP and ASHP. The third event was a joint social event with our school’s Student National Pharmaceutical Association chapter (SNPhA). Overall, we were able to sign-up approximately twenty new members combined for all three levels of the organization.

Career Development

Clinical Skills Competition
The Clinical Skills Club is a program where students had the opportunity to review patient cases and make therapeutic decisions in preparation for the national Clinical Skills Competition at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting. Cases were selected to correlate with the second year (P2) curriculum in order for students to apply clinical knowledge acquired from didactic courses.

Health-Systems Speaker(s)
SSHP took this opportunity to invite prestige health system pharmacists from diverse pharmacy/health system backgrounds. We recruited four guest speakers who spoke about networking opportunities the importance of being involved in pharmacy school, the ins and outs of Pharmacy management careers, how PRMC incorporates PPMI into the pharmacy practice, the role of pharmacists in emergency departments, and residency.

Residency Training
We held one residency informational session with the assistance of the Student Professional Development Office. We were able to invite a panel of four residents to speak to the entire student body. Each resident discussed about their experience with the application process, interview process, CV writing and advice on how to prepare for residency. In addition to residency information, members of the state affiliate attended the MSHP Residency showcase.

Professional Development Project

Generation RX Project
We took the opportunity to reach out to our audience by presenting a poster and distributing informational pamphlets, conducting a short survey and also distributing drug abuse wrist brands to students at the UMES Student Services Center. Our goal for this campaign was to assess the knowledge of drug abuse in our community as well as increase awareness about the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

Comparison Between Illicit Drugs and Prescription Drugs Campaign

The focus of this campaign was a poster with a comparison between illicit drugs and prescription drugs. Many prescriptions are structurally and functionally similar to illicit street drugs, with Adderall and Methamphetamine being key examples. The reason we focused on this comparison was because the target audience was the UMES student body. College students are found to most likely abuse Adderall (or similar medications).

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