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Share and Reapply

These are some ideas and projects that have been implemented by other student societies on their campuses along with steps to follow to reapply the program on your campus.

Speaker Events

Health-System Pharmacist Panel and Hospital Tour (University of Michigan) [PDF]

Reach Your Pinnacle: Let’s Get Clinical! (University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences) [PDF]

Organ Donation Awareness (University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy) [PDF]

Clinical Skills Competitions

Interprofessional Clinical Skills Competition: Bridging the Gap (University of Arizona) [PDF]

Membership Drives

Membership Drive (University of Michigan)

Mentorship Program (Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy) [PDF]


Unique Fundraising Event: The Auction (Cedarville University School of Pharmacy) [PDF]

Brains for Batson (University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy) [PDF]

Residency Information Sessions

Preparation for the Future (Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences) [PDF]

Midyear to Match Series (The Ohio State University) [PDF]

Helping Our Members Prepare to be Competitive Applicants for Residency (University of Kentucky) [PDF]

Residency Roundtable Dinner (Mercer University College of Pharmacy) [PDF]

Residency Workshop (Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy) [PDF]

Annual Pharmacy Residency and Fellowship Showcase (St. John’s University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences) [PDF]

Professional Development Projects

Project: Student Opportunities Website (Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy) [PDF]

Inspire to Breathe—Asthma and COPD Awareness (University of Florida College of Pharmacy-Gainesville Campus) [PDF]

Patient Workup Workshops (University of Utah College of Pharmacy) [PDF]

Sterile Compounding Workshop (Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science) [PDF]

Policy and Advocacy/PAI Projects

The Asheville Summit for Provider Status (University of North Carolina Ehelman School of Pharmacy-Asheville Campus) [PDF]

Mayor Proclaiming “Hospital Pharmacy Week” (University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy) [PDF]

Student-Led Advocacy Initiative (Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) College of Pharmacy) [PDF]

State Affiliate Collaboration Projects

Educating the Public on the Evolution of Health-System Pharmacy (Chicago State University) [PDF]

Building Local Leaders Across State Lines (University of Kansas) [PDF]

APhA-ASP Health-Systems Committee SSHP Mentor-Mentee Program (South Dakota State University College of Pharmacy) [PDF]

Interprofessional Collaboration

Spring it Forward (Roseman Unversity) [PDF]

Establishing an interprofessional collaboration between graduate students of various disciplines (University of New England) [PDF]

The Interdisciplinary Workshop and Patient Care (University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy) [PDF]

Community Outreach

Assessment of AED Resources and Awareness on College Campuses (Union University School of Pharmacy) [PDF]

Project C.O.L.D.S.: Collaboration on Learning Disease Self-Care (Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, University of the Sciences) [PDF]

Promoting Healthcare Literacy (Western New England University College of Pharmacy) [PDF]

Why Proper Pills Disposal is Important? (Hampton University School of Pharmacy) [PDF]

Student-Led Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Review Course (North Dakota State University College of Pharmacy) [PDF]


CV, Resume, & Interview Workshop (University of Charleston) [PDF]

Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders (University of Illinois at Chicago) [PDF]

Shadowing Program (University of Colorado) [PDF]

Etiquette Dinner (Northeastern Ohio Universities) [PDF]

Share with Other SSHPs

Has your SSHP implemented a project/event you would like to share with other SSHPs from across the country? Email your project description, in the format provided in the Share and Reapply Sample Handout [DOC], to ASHP Pharmacy Student Forum.