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JoAnne Myhre

JoAnne Myhre, CPhT, B.A.

Drug Diversion Program Manager

Allina Health


Reasons for selecting this career path

 This profession has blessed with many friends, colleagues and mentors along the way. My first job in high school was at an independent local corner drug store cashiering. I worked side by side with a pharmacists that recognized my desire to be a part of a health care team long before I did. My love for pharmacy grew as he afforded me so many opportunities to grow and develop in ways I could have never have imagined all while contributing to the overall health and well-being of our patients.

Professional Interests

 I have always been passionate about engaging, empowering and elevating the role of the Pharmacy Technician. Over the years I have participated on many state initiatives on pharmacy technician practice and education working to advance the technician education requirements, creating a path for pharmacies in MN to implement the T-C-T program, as well as contributing to the discussion on developing a career ladder strategy for the state that the BOP can support. I also advocated for and was successful in getting a Pharmacy Technician seated on the Board of the Minnesota Society of Health System Pharmacists.

Interest in the PTF Executive Committee

 Recent Harvey A.K. Whitney Lecture Award recipient, Bruce E. Scott, M.S., FASHP titled his acceptance speech “What are you doing for others?” Participating on this executive committee is just one thing I can do for others. I believe that Pharmacy Technicians play an important role in the pharmacy profession and therefore should have a place at the table where critical discussions are had that impact our profession. It is an honor to be a part of the Pharmacy Technician Forum Executive Committee and I look forward to working with others that share my passion to engage, empower and elevate my fellow Pharmacy Technicians.

Benefits of being involved in ASHP as a Pharmacy Technician

 ASHP offers a community of experts in a wide variety of roles and practice settings that one would be amiss not to tap into. Pharmacy Technicians continue to play a critical role in supporting the advancement of pharmaceutical care and their skills, knowledge and competence are more important than ever. ASHP is an invaluable resource to network, collaborate and quite frankly learn from the best!

Fun Fact

I was on the swim team in high school and also participated in synchronized swimming.