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Pharmacy Technician Forum FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

The Pharmacy Technician Forum is a new membership home exclusively for pharmacy technicians. The Pharmacy Technician Forum serves as a direct voice to ASHP to advise the Board of Directors on actions to advance the roles of pharmacy technicians, to elevate the technician profession, and to create benefits and services to support the technician members of ASHP.

ASHP has long supported the advanced role of pharmacy technicians by creating professional practice policies supporting technician licensure, establishing technician education and training standards. Creating an ASHP membership home for pharmacy technicians is the next step to recognize pharmacy technicians for their vital contributions to enhance the direct patient care efforts of pharmacists. By further elevating the pharmacy technician workforce, pharmacists can meet health care demands to provide direct patient care services and optimize medication therapy outcomes.

  • To recommend professional and interprofessional healthcare policies related to pharmacy technicians and the healthcare workforce to best promote safe, optimal and effective care
  • To advise on pharmacy technician member benefits and services, including the educational and training needs of pharmacy technicians
  • To inform ASHP of practice issues and best practices related to pharmacy technicians
  • To develop pharmacy technician leadership within ASHPP

It is important that pharmacy technicians identify with ASHP as their membership home. As a result, technician members will receive a variety of benefits and services to include:

  • Free subscription access to PharmacyTechCE which offers more than 40 hrs of T-designated CE to help meet requirements of PTCB certification, including law and medication safety
  • A dedicated website landing page and resource centers, visit
  • Member-only access to technician-specific web resources and webinars
  • Digital access to the world’s premier pharmacy journal, AJHP
  • Membership to any or all ASHP Sections
  • Specialized email Newslinks
  • A dedicated technician network on ASHP Connect
  • Exclusive member discounts on ASHP meeting registrations, publications and other products
  • An established social media identity
  • Other benefits and services as recommended by pharmacy technicians

Previously, annual pharmacy technician dues were $80. The new reduced rate is $51, which represents a 35% discount from the previous technician rate, and an 85% discount from the pharmacist rate.

ASHP will automatically enroll current pharmacy technician members into the Pharmacy Technician Forum. In addition, current subscribers will be automatically-enrolled into the Pharmacy Technician Forum.

Institutional membership rates are available. Please contact Customer Relations at 866-279-0681 to learn more.

  • Five (5) volunteer pharmacy technician members are appointed to serve on the inaugural Executive Committee, for the 2018-2019 term
  • The Executive Committee represents a diverse pool of knowledge and practice expertise
  • The Forum has an appointed Board Liaison and Staff Liaison
  • The first in-person meeting of the Executive Committee will be held in June 2018 during the ASHP Summer Meetings in Denver, CO
  • Regular meetings of the leadership will be held virtually as with other Forums
  • Pharmacy technician advisory groups and other Forum engagement opportunities will be created as the Forum develops and expands

While nominations for the inaugural Pharmacy Technician Forum Executive Committee closed on February 5, 2018, ASHP is extremely pleased by the large interest in engagement we received and the over 200 nominations submitted. We will be working with our Executive Committee and remain dedicated to develop and expand engagement activities for technician members. The annual call for nominations for the Pharmacy Technician Forum Executive Committee is announced in the fall of each year. In the meantime, we encourage you to check out and sign-up for the new Technician Newslink to stay updated on important Forum activities and information.

The Chair of Pharmacy Technician Forum Executive Committee will serve in the ASHP House of Delegates.

The creation of the Pharmacy Technician Forum will be complementary and congruent to technician component groups at the state level. Pharmacy technician needs should be met at all levels; in the work setting, at the state level, and at the national level. The creation of the Pharmacy Technician Forum will stimulate discussion and collaboration in all of these areas.

Individuals may contact the Office of Member Relations at for further information about the Pharmacy Technician Forum.

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