ASHP offers drug reference resources for your professional needs. Please explore the options available to you and utilize the information below to better understand how to purchase, access, and return if the need occurs. Our Online Catalog (the ASHP Store) is designed to offer you official publication purchase quotes and quick summaries of the items that you can purchase there. Note: the store does not only offer our shippable publications. You can also explore our Continuing Education (online products) here as well. Be sure to utilize important information listed under our Store’s Help and Support page as well. Shipping Rates, Return information, Bulk Discounts, and more can be found under the Help and Support page.

How to purchase eBooks

When purchasing an ASHP eBook, you will visit our website at select the eBook of desire, you will then select eBook.  


Where to find my eBooks

When you purchase an eBook from ASHP's Store, you can find it by clicking on our Menu button within the store then click on “My EBook Library.”(  Or on our Home page of ASHP you may scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page under “Related ASHP Sites”, has My eBooks Library.

What format can I download my eBooks in?

You can download your eBooks in PDF and ePub files. EPub files are reflowable content that adapts to your reader, and PDF files are a fixed layout format. You can view either format, and see which you prefer, depending on how you are viewing the eBook.

Cancelling an eBook purchase

If you purchased the eBook by mistake, please contact our Marketing Department to verify this purchase.


No, the eBooks purchased cannot be returned, so make sure you look at the table of contents and sample chapter before purchasing. All front matter is freely available to view in full.

Switching from print to eBook or eBook to print

eBooksIf you notice you purchased a publication rather than an eBook, please contact our Customer Relation Department as soon as possible to ensure the publication has not shipped. If you notice you purchased an eBook rather than a print publication, please contact our Customer Relation Department, we will be more than happy to switch over the product. You may also know our Ebooks has a sliver imprint on it that states ebook 

Institutional eBook access (via IP address)

Yes, there are several collections offered for institutions and libraries as annual subscriptions. These include the entire eBooks collection, a core titles collection, and collections for pharmacy technicians, pharmacy students, clinical resources, and management resources. You will need to provide your IP range information, and then anyone within that IP range will have access to the eBooks in your collection. Chris Jezowski, Institutional Sales Representative at

Shipping Rates 2021

Order Total United States
(UPS Ground)
Canada (UPS Shipping &
Brokerage only.
Customer pays duties & taxes)
Guaranteed-Outside U.S. & Canada
(Customer pays duties & taxes)
$1-$50 $6 $13 $21
$51-$100 $13 $27 $44
$101-$500 $21 $40 $69
$501-$1,000 $54 $65 $159
$1,001-$2,000 $110 $126 $367
$2,001-$5,000 $188 $230 $616
$5,001-$,7000 $220 $280 Contact your freight forwarded
$7,001-$9,000 $278 $378 Contact your freight forwarded
$9,001-$12,000 $345 $440 Contact your freight forwarded
>$12,001 Contact us Contact us Contact your freight forwarded

ASHP encourages customers purchasing outside the U.S. to contact Eurospan at


AHFS (Print)


Our AHFS Print now comes with the AHFS Clinical Drug Information (Digital Subscription) For Individual Purchase Only.

AHFS Clinical Drug Information (Digital Subscription)