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ASHP Sterile Compounding Competency Library

The ASHP Sterile Compounding Competency Library moves ASHP's suite of best-selling Chapter <797> DVD training programs online, ensuring updates as requirements change.  The current catalog includes three full-length courses covering all sterile compounding practice requirements set forth in USP Chapter <797>. 

Full administrator access makes it easy to track sterile compounding personnel and maintain an ongoing competency assessment record. Subscribers will value having ASHP’s trusted name behind a competency management system that improves performance and produces year-to-year records of ongoing sterile compounding competency with the ability to print reports as needed.

The ASHP Sterile Compounding Competency Library will continue to grow as new courses are planned based on the current DVD products. The current library includes:

Course 1 covering

  • Introduction to USP <797>
  • Sterile Compounding Facilities
  • Maintaining a Sterile Compounding Area

Course 2 covering

  • Assigning Beyond Use Dates
  • Special Compounded Preparations
  • Handling Compounded Sterile Preparations

Course 3 covering

  • Types of Monitoring for Compounding Personnel
  • Training and Documentation Responsibilities

Each course includes interactive exercises, Q&A sections to check knowledge, and video clips demonstrating essential <797> requirements. All courses in the library come with a 56 page downloadable comprehensive Resource Guide. Participants may return to the course as often as they like for extra practice.

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