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ASHP Pharmacy Technician Membership

A New Membership Home for Pharmacy Technicians

Become a Pharmacy TechnicianOfficially launched in April 2018, the Pharmacy Technician Forum is the new membership home for pharmacy technicians, created to further elevate and advance the pharmacy technician workforce. The Forum serves as the central point for pharmacy technician engagement in ASHP, providing tools, education, and numerous other resources to help pharmacy technicians advance their practice.

Learn more about an ASHP Pharmacy Technician membership.

Become a Technician Member of ASHP

  • ASHP Pharmacy technician membership includes access to PharmacyTechCE and the digital edition of AJHP along with the full complement of other ASHP member benefits.
  • As a Technician member of ASHP, you are automatically signed up for the Pharmacy Technician Forum.
  • ASHP Technician membership is available for less than $5 per month ($53 Annual Membership).
  • ASHP also offers institutional technician membership. For more information contact Chris Jezowski at
Pharmacy Technician

Become a Pharmacy Technician Member of ASHP

  • Less than $5 a month
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