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The Review and Recertification Reward Program (RRRP)

Residents and New Practitioners who are planning to sit for a Board of Pharmacy Specialty (BPS) Certification exam are encouraged to register for the RRRP. The first program of its kind, the RRRP provides free exam preparation resources and is available for the following specialties:

  • Ambulatory Care Pharmacy (ACCP and ASHP jointly)
  • Critical Care Pharmacy
  • Geriatric Pharmacy (ACCP and ASHP jointly)
  • Pediatric Pharmacy
  • Pharmacotherapy

In return, we ask that you continue your board certification path with us. Use our highly praised recertification programs for your first recertification cycle. The recertification plan is only $10 per month. That’s guaranteed to stay at $10 per month for the entire 7-year recertification cycle. The plan offers more than the required recertification hours needed for each specialty and compared to other programs, will save you about $1200 over your first recertification cycle. We also ask that you maintain your ACCP or ASHP membership throughout this cycle.

Enrollment Details

Registration re-opens in October and is intended those sitting for either the Spring 2020 or Fall 2020 exams. As the RRRP is a member-only benefit, you can join or renew your ASHP membership during the RRRP enrollment process. ACCP members should call ASHP's Customer Relations department at 866-279-0681 to register at the member rate. Be prepared to provide your ACCP member number at time of registration.