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Accreditation Standards for PGY2 Pharmacy Residencies

ASHP Accreditation Standard & Resources for Postgraduate Year Two (PGY2) Pharmacy Residency Programs

PGY2 Residency Accreditation Standard - Approved April 2017

Summary of PGY2 Guidance Document Changes - August 2019

Guidance Document - PGY2 Residency Accreditation Standard - Approved August 2019

Critical Factors For Residency Accreditation Standards - Approved April 2017

Duty-Hour Requirements for Pharmacy Residencies - March 2015

PGY2 Residency Standard 2015 Implementation Timeline - Approved September 2015

PGY2 Residency Accreditation Standard 'Crosswalk' - 2015 Standard mapped to 2005 Principle

PGY2 Criteria for Review of New Advanced Areas of Residency Training - Approved April 2016