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Virginia Mason Kirkland Regional Medical Center (Seattle, WA)

The Virginia Mason Kirkland Regional Medical Center implemented initiatives to support well-being and resilience and reduce burnout for its patient care providers. The organization’s approach addresses system-level drivers of clinician burnout and well-being identified by the National Academy of Medicine’s Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience and has demonstrated sustained success in promoting well-being and reducing burnout.

An essential element of the Virginia Mason Kirkland’s program is a culture that enables healthcare providers, including pharmacists, to practice to the full extent of their education and training, allowing for enhanced efficiency and professional fulfillment and improved patient outcomes.

Clinical pharmacists are an integral part of the care delivery model at Virginia Mason Kirkland, where they collaborate with primary care providers in the overall care of the patient. Pharmacists often consult with patients independently, especially those with chronic conditions. The integration of clinical pharmacists into the care team contributes to increased fulfillment for pharmacists who are more intimately involved in direct patient care. The practice also provides substantial benefits to patients by offering them direct access to pharmacists who are well versed in managing chronic diseases and medications.

Virginia Mason Kirkland employs several methods to promote well-being among their workforce, including requiring pauses from patient care visits throughout the day, providing protected time for professional development, encouraging staff participation on innovation teams, and creating and maintaining a culture of collegiality and respect among the interprofessional work teams.

Ninety-three percent of clinicians at Virginia Mason Kirkland report that they are content or engaged. Their efforts were selected by the National Academy of Medicine for promoting pharmacists as part of an interprofessional team to address clinician burnout and promote resilience.