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Past Recipients

1950 W. Arthur Purdum* 1973 George L. Phillips* 1996 William A. Zellmer  2019 Bruce E. Scott
1951 Hans T. S. Hansen* 1974 Louis P. Jeffrey* 1997 Max D. Ray  2020 No award given due the to COVID-19 pandemic
1952 Edward Spease* 1975 Sister Mary Florentine, C.S.C.* 1998 John A. Gans  2021 William A. Miller
1953 Donald E. Francke* 1976 R. David Anderson 1999 William A. Gouveia*  
1954 Evlyn Gray Scott* 1977 Herbert S. Carlin* 2000 Neil M. Davis  
1955 Gloria N. Francke* 1978 Allen J. Brands* 2001 Bernard Mehl*  
1956 George F. Archambault* 1979 Milton W. Skolaut* 2002 Michael R. Cohen  
1957 Sister Mary John, R.S.M.* 1980 Donald C. Brodie* 2003 James C. McAllister, III  
1958 Walter M. Frazier* 1981 Kenneth N. Barker* 2004 Billy Woodward  
1959 I. Thomas Reamer* 1982 William E. Smith 2005 Thomas S. Thielke  
1960 Thomas A. Foster* 1983 Warren E. McConnell* 2006 Sara J. White  
1961 Herbert L. Flack* 1984 Mary Jo Reilly 2007 Henri R. Manasse, Jr.  
1962 Grover C. Bowles, Jr.* 1985 Fred M. Eckel 2008 Philip J. Schneider  
1963 Vernon O. Trygstad* 1986 John W. Webb* 2009 Paul W. Abramowitz  
1964 Albert P. Lauve* 1987 John J. Zugich* 2010 Charles D. Hepler  
1965 Sister Mary Berenice, S.S.M.* 1988 Joe E. Smith* 2011 Daniel M. Ashby  
1966 Robert P. Fischelis* 1989 Wendell T. Hill* 2012 Rita R. Shane  
1967 Paul F. Parker* 1990 David A. Zilz 2013 Jannet M. Carmichael  
1968 Clifton J. Latiolais* 1991 Harold N. Godwin 2014 John E. Murphy  
1969 Leo F. Godley* 1992 Roger W. Anderson 2015 Sharon Murphy Enright  
1970 Joseph A. Oddis* 1993 Marianne F. Ivey 2016 Sister Mary Louise Degenhart, A.S.C.  
1971 Sister M. Gonzales, R.S.M.* 1994 Kurt Kleinmann 2017 Max L. (Mick) Hunt, Jr.   
1972 William M. Heller 1995 Paul G. Pierpaoli* 2018 Rebecca S. Finley   




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