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JoAnn Stubbings

JoAnn StubbingsJOANN STUBBINGS, BSPharm, MHCA, RPh ([email protected]) is Clinical Associate Professor Emerita, Department of Pharmacy Practice, University of Illinois Chicago College of Pharmacy. A graduate of Ohio State University College of Pharmacy (BS) and University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy (MHCA), she has experience in the pharmaceutical industry, consulting, academia, ambulatory care pharmacy, and specialty pharmacy. She built one of the first accredited health-system specialty pharmacies at the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System. She currently works for the College of Pharmacy on accreditation, strategic planning, and new program development, such as a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences and six new areas of concentration. Her passions include public policy and mentoring students, pharmacists, and technicians. She frequently speaks and publishes on specialty pharmacy, healthcare reform, pharmacist provider status, payment for services, the 340B Drug Pricing Program, Medicare Part D, and Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies.

Stubbings served ASHP as the inaugural Chair of the Section of Specialty Pharmacy Practitioners (SSPP), co-authored the first ASHP National Survey on Specialty Pharmacy Practice, and served as Chair of the SSPP Committee on Nominations and as a delegate to ASHP’s House of Delegates. She currently serves on the SSPP Educational Steering Committee. As a delegate she introduced a proposal that became ASHP Policy 2031, Continuity of Care in Insurance Payer Networks. She received ASHP’s Distinguished Service Award for the SSPP in 2021 and the 2022 Board of Directors’ Award of Excellence.

Meet JoAnn Stubbings


My vision for pharmacy practice is to achieve integrated pharmacy services across the continuum of care to ensure access and equity for patients and providers. Patients should have access to pharmacy services where they receive care without restrictions imposed by insurance networks. Culture, race, disability, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, or other social determinants of health should not restrict patients’ access to pharmacy services. Likewise, health-system pharmacists and pharmacies should have access to pharmacy and provider networks.

Pharmacist provider recognition is an issue that needs ASHP’s continued involvement and advocacy. Progress is being made at the state level and with the recent introduction of H.R. 7213. Another important issue for ASHP is the development and support of the pharmacy workforce. I support advanced training and roles for pharmacy technicians, layered learning training models for pharmacy students, and an increase in pharmacy residencies to allow nearly all pharmacy students to match to a residency if they desire. A third issue is the impact of corporate pharmacy on the practice of pharmacy. We must protect our profession and practice model from being managed by outside business interests and advocate for PBM reform, DIR fee fairness, 340B continuity, and access to payer networks. Finally, ASHP should continue to be our professional home and support our need to lead fulfilling professional and personal lives, including issues related to diversity, equity, inclusion, burnout, mental health, and work-life balance.

I am honored to be among the esteemed candidates nominated for the ASHP Board of Directors.