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Kong Kit Wong

Lindsey Kelley

KONG KIT WONG, PharmD, BCACP ([email protected]) is a Pharmacy Program Manager over Clinical Pharmacy services and the Clinical Resource Hub (CRH) in VISN 5 and also participates in direct patient care as a Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT) Clinical Pharmacist Practitioner (CPP) in the CRH. In these roles, he works collaboratively with leadership, patients, and frontline staff to expand pharmacy services within VISN 5 to improve care for our Veterans through comprehensive medication management (CMM).

Wong graduated from North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND and completed a PGY1 residency at the Washington, D.C. Veterans Affairs Medical. Throughout his career, Wong has gained a wealth of experience in transitions of care, mental health, medication therapy management, and quality outcomes.

Wong has been a member of ASHP’s SACP Section Advisory Group (SAG) on Clinical Practice Advancement since 2015. He is the current Chair of the SAG on Clinical Practice Advancement. During his time with the ASHP, Dr. Wong has co-authored various ASHP documents on billing for clinical pharmacy services, peer review, and population health. He has participated in ASHP CE regarding billing for clinical pharmacy services and a podcast regarding preceptorship of trainees during the pandemic. Wong was a reviewer for the updated ASHP Telehealth Policy. Wong also represented Washington, DC as a delegate in the ASHP House of Delegates and is an active member of his state society.


Because of the pandemic, we have seen shifts in the way we work and live. It had a profound impact on work-life balance and the priorities of our membership. I believe that we must change the way we engage with our members and create an environment of belonging.

Passion, vulnerability, and authenticity have guided me since the beginning of my career. We must harness human potential within our membership and create of meaningful resources. We must be intentional with our interactions with members and stakeholders. Within my current role as Chair for the SAG on Clinical Practice Advancement, I created a safe space for human connection and vulnerability. We must lead with empathy and encourage collaboration and learning within ASHP.

We must market ASHP services and create content that engages members. It is also imperative that we promote pharmacist professional services through regulation which allows equitable access to our services. We must continue to lead in leveraging technology to expand telehealth services to improve access to care. We need to foster a culture of inclusivity and diversity for our members. We also must create an environment that addresses burnout, promotes wellness, and both professional and personal growth within pharmacy.

I believe, as pharmacists, we are uniquely positioned to manage complex medication regimens, improve quality of care, and increase access to care for both primary and specialty care services. I am honored by this nomination for Chair and I am prepared to advocate for our members and advance the field of ambulatory care practice.