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Lisa M. Kumor

Lisa Kumor

LISA M. KUMOR, PharmD, BCACP ([email protected]), is the Accreditation and Residency Coordinator with Specialty Pharmacy Services at University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System and Clinical Assistant Professor with the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) College of Pharmacy. She also serves as the Residency Program Director for the UIC PGY1 Community-Based Pharmacy Residency Program with a focus in Specialty Pharmacy. In these roles, she manages and maintains specialty pharmacy accreditation, leads the Specialty Pharmacy Residency Program, and coordinates a nationally available online elective course titled ‘Introduction to Specialty Pharmacy’ offered to PharmD candidates and graduates. Kumor earned her PharmD from The Ohio State University and completed a PGY1 Community-Based Pharmacy Residency with Walgreen Co and UIC College of Pharmacy.

She served as Chair of the Section of Specialty Pharmacy Practitioners’ SAG on Accreditation and Compliance for the 2021 – 2022 year. Before that, she served on the Workforce Development SAG for two years. She served on two national ASHP workgroups focused on residency standards and specialty pharmacy. She has co-authored publications in AJHP on specialty pharmacy and has given poster and podium presentations at ASHP meetings.


I was introduced to specialty pharmacy early in my training. I started as a pharmacy intern fourteen years ago at a specialty pharmacy, then as a specialty pharmacy resident, next as a pharmacist in a specialty pharmacy, and now as a leader within my health-system specialty pharmacy. My involvement within the SSPP and specifically the SAGs has allowed me to share ideas and collaborate with experts from across the country deepening my understanding of both the challenges and opportunities for health-system specialty pharmacy. It has been the community I never knew I needed.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with my peers as past Chair of the Accreditation and Compliance SAG, and before that, 2 years serving on the Workforce Development SAG. I’m ready to represent my peers across all SAGs by serving as your Director-at-Large on the Executive Committee.

I’m passionate about many aspects of specialty pharmacy – I’ll focus on two.  I’m a strong supporter of career development of our future generation of specialty pharmacy practitioners. They are the future of health system specialty pharmacy.  I’d like to see more specialty pharmacy residency programs and advocate for their advancement and expansion.  I’m also an advocate for health system specialty pharmacy representation within accreditations and was appointed on a national URAC committee as the sole representative from health system specialty pharmacy.

I’m humbled and excited for the opportunity to represent my peers on this committee. Thank you for your consideration.