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SACP Chair Message March 2019

March 2019

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

Winston S. Churchill

Change.  It’s an evitable part of life.  Some yearn for it, some fear it, and others envision it.  The book “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson has impacted my leadership development throughout my professional life.  The story describes two mice and two little people who live in a maze.  Each day, a new serving of cheese arrives for them to enjoy.  Over time, the cheese dwindles and then disappears.  The mice, Sniff and Scurry, were prepared for this change and scamper off into the maze to find new cheese.  The little people, Hem and Haw, stay behind, wondering if the cheese will return, and worrying about their future.  Hem ultimately writes on the wall of the maze: “If you don’t change, you can become extinct”.  This simple little parable reminds us that change will occur, and that the way we prepare for it and lead ourselves and others through it impacts our outcomes. 

As healthcare professionals, we face significant changes every day.  Drug shortages, rising healthcare costs, the opioid epidemic, and the transition to value based care create challenges and opportunities for ambulatory care pharmacists.  My own community is experiencing significant changes including health sciences center expansion, hospital acquisitions, and changing practice models.  Whatever changes lie ahead, Sniff and Scurry inspire us to greet it proactively and create new opportunities.

The Section of Ambulatory Care Practitioners is undergoing changes of our own.  At the ASHP Clinical Midyear Meeting, the Executive Committee made plans for restructuring our Section Advisory Groups (SAGs).  Ambulatory Care practice is ever changing and the Section is evolving as well, as we keep our finger on the pulse of what our members are experiencing in practice. We strive to provide a medium for idea sharing, education, and elevating ambulatory care practice.  With that in mind, the SAG structure beginning fall 2019 will include: 

  1. SAG on Ambulatory Care Pharmacotherapy

  2. SAG on Clinical Practice Advancement

  3. SAG on Compensation and Practice Sustainability

  4. SAG on Medication Management Services

  5. SAG on Pain Management and Palliative Care

  6. Educational Steering Committee

There are many ways that you can be involved with our Section:

At the end of “Who Moved My Cheese” (spoiler alert!), all of the characters realize that although change is inevitable, moving forward in a new direction leads them to new and better cheese.  I look forward to seeing all that lies ahead as we travel our own mazes of life and work together to advance ambulatory care practice. 

My best,

Mollie Ashe Scott, Pharm.D., BCACP, CPP, FASHP 
Chair, Section of Ambulatory Care Practitioners 
[email protected]

PS Happy Match Day!